Packed Pixels – an Extra Monitor for Your Laptop

A British inventor created a system which allows you to connect one or more external monitors to your laptop to create a portable, high resolution multi monitor setup for the road warrior who can’t live without the extra screen real estate.

If you are used to working with a multi monitor setup on your desktop but you find it hard to leave it behind when you are on the road – you are not alone.

Packed Pixels on two different laptops


For photographers this could be a very interesting solution if you are looking to increase your screen real estate for working with Photoshop or even a video editing software (this type of solution can be ideal for placing your menus – leaving the main screen for the actual work).

The Packed Pixels as it is called can be connected using either DisplayPort (found on many PCs and laptops) or Mini DisplayPort (found on most Macs, Microsoft Surfaces and other laptops). As for power the unit uses a USB connector either from the laptop itself or from mobile phone charger or an external battery.

Requires two connections – not for every laptop


As for pricing – a single unit will cost you around $240 while a dual unit will cost just about double as much with two sets of brackets. The project is up on Kickstarter and is looking to raise around $280k.

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