ProMediaGear Universal L-Cage Port Protector for DSLRs & Mirrorless Cameras

One of our favorite manufacturers ProMediaGear just announced an interesting new product on Kickstarter – a unique compact universal L-cage with a newly designed port protector.

ProMediaGear had a complex problem to solve here – there are many cages and L-brackets on the market – most of them are specific to one (or very few) cameras. There are also a number of port protectors – most of them are not ideal, to say the least (at least none of the ones that we tried to date).

The ProMediaGear Universal L-Cage Port Protector on a Sony camera 

However, the ProMediaGear Universal L-Cage Port Protector is said to be compatible with all current DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras and will allow you to quickly protect your side ports and also attach a wide range of useful accessories including External Monitors, Lights, Voice Recorders, Microphones, GPS Adapters etc.  The L-Cage Port Protector features 9 UNC 1/4″-20 thread mounts to support any shooting style;

Besides that the ProMediaGear Universal L-Cage Port Protector

  • All adjustment screws of the same head type (5/32 inch).
  • No interference to using most an articulated monitors.
  • Can work one most gimbal heads.
  • Adjustable Front to Back, and Left to Right.
  • Lightweight only 8.2 oz (234 grams).
  • 5 – Year Warranty, made in USA.

The cage is modular and is made from to parts which you can adjust to fit the size of your camera (front to back and left to right). One of the coolest things is that this should actually work with multiple cables (many port protectors either can’t or don’t work well with 2 or 3 cables at the same time which is a shame).

One more note – according to ProMediaGear – “The current #BP2 version doesn’t work with Tall cameras like Nikon D5, or Canon 1Dx, (Canon 5d or Nikon D850 with battery pack) for those a riser piece is needed, see picture above.  We’ve designed and prototypes some versions of it, but currently, don’t think that would be a major seller”. However, if you think that this option is needed you can try and convince ProMediaGear and they just might change their minds.

As for pricing, the BP2 starts from $100 on Kickstarter right now and we are hoping to have a chance to test it later this year.

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