Quebee – a Tiny Multi-Angle Connected Camera

Quebee is a new kickstarter project for a tiny mobile connected camera. It allows you to place the camera almost anywhere and control it using an app from your mobile device.

One of the fun things Quebee can do is control multiple sync cameras – in this way you can easily record a multi-angle video  – something that would otherwise require a much more complex equipment and handling.

A short demo of the multi angle kit of Quebee 



Quebee is a tiny cube camera with a built in battery good for up to 5 hours of Full HD video. It has 3 modes – video, stills or timelapse allowing users to capture what they want in every situation.

The Quebee has a wide angle lens and a built in microphone as well as WIFI and BT. It charges using a mini-USB and can shoot up to 48 hours of time-lapse (even in rainy weather).

Quebee is fairly inexpensive – going for just under $150 but it still need support to pass the $100k mark goal on Kickstarter.

Update: we recently had a talk with Ben Bodley – co-founder and CEO of Quebee who gave us some more technical info on Quebee: “The lens is a F/2.2 with a wide (160 degree) DFOV.  EFL 2.9mm.  Its a great low light lens, and the image sensor @ 3.5MP (Aptina) is also well known for excellent low light performance.  Its used in a lot of high end night driving “dash cameras” – something we also design”.