RGKit Play: A Modular Wireless Motion Control Kit The future of DIY product, food and stop motion videos is almost here?

If you are into shooting products or food (mostly videos) then the new RGKit Play Kickstarter project might interest you. This kit includes different modules with motors and wireless communication that can be remotely triggered by a smartphone app and perform different types of tasks including sliding, rotating, pushing, pulling, and more.

RGKit Play: Smart motors with app control

There are lots of things that you can do with small but powerful motors for product and food productions. The ain issue that until now there were only a few things that were easy enough to do without the need to use solutions such as Arduino (let’s face it – not every videographer has the time or knowledge to play around with code – even if it is relatively simple and even if you can learn – sometimes you just want to get the shot you need without too much fuss).

An interesting feature that the guys behind this project have been working on is built-in motion stability capability based on AI. RGKit is said to eliminate jitters and shoot smoother videos using its pully system camera slider module (which can carry up to 5kg/11 lbs) and can move at a speed of 5 cm/2″ seconds.

The RGKit Play is modular so you can choose the accessories you want to play around with based on the type of movement you choose or shoot you want to make.

The different options for the motion kit components 

RGkit: The different options for the motion kit components 



The one drawback that we see here (besides the usual risks of any Kickstarter project) is that the official estimated delivery of the product (even without taking into consideration delays – CUVID 19 anybody) is June 2021 – that is a long time away.

Pricing and avaliability

On the plus side, the project has already raised enough money to clear its initial goal, the cost is going to depend on the kit, starting from $190 for the beginner version and $740 for the videographer kit (there are even more advanced options with more components).

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