This App will Give you Free Prints

Flag is a new app that promises to give you free prints for your photos each months for absolutely no fee – not even delivery! fraud? magic? no – the idea behind Flag is actually pretty simple (and if it will actually pan out – quite ingenious).

Flag promises to send you  20 photos every month free of charge and in return the other side of the print will have an advertisement – cool isn’t it? The prints are quite small – 4×6 – but if you like bigger ones you can order a 16 photo “enlargement” jigsaw puzzle instead. There will also be options for laser cut edges and postcards. Flag will launch as a U.S. only service buy its developers are looking forward to expending the service in the future.

Flag Prints

We love the idea and hope it will catch on – so far the developers raised over $50k in Kickstarter and they have 10 more days to raise another $50k – you can help them on the Flag Kickstarter page here.

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