Michron: Timelapse for Everyone

Michron is anew kickstarter project which is already a huge success (with well over 1500 bakers). It aims to bring to the market an easy to use advanced timelapse accessory for almost any camera which is controlled by your mobile device.

All you need to do to make Michron work is to plugs it into your camera and your iPhone or android smartphone or tablet and use the free app to make it shoot a timelapses. Unlike traditional intervalometers which have been used for years to control the intervals between shots in cameras, Michron is has no buttons or screens; instead the user interface is the Michron App which allows for a lot of flexibility for both beginners who never shot a timelapse before and advanced users who wants more control of the entire process.

Use your smartphone to control your camera


So what can you do with the Michron? Here are a few things:

  • AutoTimelapse – if you never shot a timelapse before this option should help you start.
  • Interval Ramping – if you want to change the interval between shots during the timelapse.
  • Bulb Ramping – allowing you to make smooth light transitions (sunset/sunrises). Michron will continually adjust the shutter speed of the camera according to your settings so you will get the right exposure.
  • HDR Bracketing – allowing you to create HDR images and use them for your timelapse videos easily.

Michron can also be used as a timer for single or multiple still shots, for photo stitching and more. the Michron is compatible with almost any DSLR camera on the market (and a few non DSLR cameras as well) but make sure you get the right cable for your camera when you order one (it starts at $50).

Michron – tiny timelapse unit


We have seen some timelapse kickstarter projects in the past (see Timelapse+ for example) but it seems that people are still looking for the perfect solution for this type of photography. You can find out more on the Michron kickstarter page.

Iddo Genuth
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