A Look at the CASE Remote Air Wireless Camera Control Unit

Although many cameras today come with a built in WIFI, from our experience it is mostly very limited both in range and in general functionality. A new product called CASE air remote is raising money on indiegogo and already seem to have some very favourable reviews.

The WIFI on the CASE remote air might not be that unique – it comes in a small unit which you connect to your camera’s USB via the cable that came with the camera and an OTG USB adaptor but the thing that really make this useful is the software/app (it is compatible with iOS/Android/MAC and PC).

This software can do almost anything that you can do with your camera – remotely including controlling s aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white Balance, AF, drive/shooting mode (single, continuous, etc.), metering mode, and more. Even more interesting is the ability to control bulb mode, time lapse photography, HDR, and focus-stacking and it has focus peaking, RGB histogram and grid.

It can help you shoot both stills and videos, has a low lag live view mode and a battery that last for up to 6.5 hours (and on the indiegogo page the manufacturer also mentions the CASE Relay Camera Power System as a partnership developed with Tether Tools – we covered this very innovative external camera battery before here on LensVid).

A review of the CASE Remote Air by Toby Gelston


The list of cameras supported by the case remote air

case-air-supported cameras

The second version of the CASE remote was already fully funded on indiegogo and you can get one for under $85. We are hoping to test this unit later this year ourselves and let you know what we think about it and how it compares to our favorite remote software – DSLRdashboard.

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