First Look at the Syrp Genie 2

NAB 2017 has closed last week but we still have many interesting products and videos to share with you from the show. What we have for you today is a first look at a new product by our favorite New Zealand based company – Syrp called the Genie 2 which was demoed on NAB this year for the first time (the company didn’t even release an official announcement about the product and we have no full specs to share with you at this moment).

So what is the Genie 2 which you can see in the short video above – well it is the second generation of the company popular robotic head and time-lapse unit and it brings some very interesting features (again we are still waiting to hear from Syrp about the full list of features).

The design of the Genie 2 is completely new and pretty different than the original Genie. It is divided into 2 parts – the upper is a pan/tilt unit and the lower part does standard motion control and be connected to almost any slider using a simple cable/rope.

The units are connected via BT and also have WIFI for more complex tasks including file transfer and edit of timelapses (and potentially all sorts of interesting future applications). What’s new with ver 2 you are asking? well, what we know now is that besides the different design ver 2 is also smoother, quieter, faster, and stronger than the original Genie, it also has hot swappable batteries, USB-C with camera charging option and some more sophisticated and flexible time lapse tool (although we need to see exactly what this mean).

What we simply love about Syrp (and we have done an in-depth look at their Genie mini about a year ago and still use it all the time) is the app – the company keeps updating it with new features and the interface is just the best in the industry (how come the big manufacturers like Sony/Canon/Nikon can’t do something similar with their budgets is beyond us).

We are currently testing the Syrp 60cm magic carpet slider and we are hoping that later this year when the Genie 2 will become available we will be able to test it as well.

Nofilmschool also did a video in the Syrp booth at NAB looking at both the Genie 2 and the Slingshot (which we first saw in Photokina last year)

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We will be looking into several monitors in the near future so stay tuned for that. If you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section. Also – check out our NAB 2017 coverage – here.

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