OmniCharge – The Ultimate Mobile Charger

A new indiegogo project aims to bring to the market the ultimate external power bank that can charge all of your devices including mobile phones and tablets, laptops and even cameras and batteries.

We have been looking for the ultimate external charger for a long time now. One that can charge not just your average mobile devices using USB but can also juice up more power hungry gadgets and appliances including camera batteries and AA/AAA battery chargers directly.

In the past we looked at several external battery options including the very powerful PowerAdd Pilot Pro 32000mAh which can power almost any Laptop. However, since this unit did not have a proper AC plug we could not connect battery chargers to it.

Enters the Omnicharge. Designed by a team from LA it comes in two versions – a standard 13600mAh/65W model and a pro version with 20400mAh/100W.

The Omnicharge – charging any device on the go


Both versions has 2 USB ports – one 5V@3A and the other  QC3.0. Omni13’s USB up to 5V/4.8A. They have OLED display with full information about the battery status and charging status. It can charge while charging itself from the wall has tons of sefty features to prevent it from giving or reciving power levels which are not correct and has two different versions – one with AC 120V and 150V DC and one supporting 220V AC/300V DC with US or EU sockets accordingly. You can even add wireless charging option (for an extra $16) if your mobile device supports that.

As for pricing, the standard model is currently offered for $110 and the pro version for $140 on indiegogo.

What is special about the OmniCharge 


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